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Spring is upon us

The spring months are some of the best conditions to tackle any major works around your properties such as painting, rendering, roof repairs or fencing. Painting in particular is much more effective in these slightly warmer months.

Apart from the obvious wet weather, the actual air temperature in winter prevents modern paints from curing properly and therefore effecting the finished product once second coat goes on. During summer, the temperature can often be too hot and the paint dries too quickly having the same effect on the finished product. Therefore, we find the Spring temperature and general conditions to be much more favorable.



Preparation is the key to a good painting project particularly on some of the older buildings we are quite often working on.

Owner Corporate Tips

When obtaining painting quotes we recommend you have all prospective tenderers detail their preparation methods within their quote. This includes specific preparation methods for each individual surface type. Eg, timber surfaces require a different preparation method to metal surfaces. Not only have them detail it in the quote, but make sure they are actually doing it on site during the project. It will save potential re do's in the coming years when the warranty has expired.

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