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We are professional Project Managers for your rejuvenation needs that may include:

Kitchens, Bathrooms, painting, tiling, plumbing, electrical, flooring, carpets, plastering, gardening, landscaping, carpentry, wardrobes, bricklaying, rendering, fencing and much more.

What we do

Coordinating the trades people and services required to renovate any house or apartment can seem daunting and time consuming for the average home owner. Knowing where to start can often delay or even prevent many worthwhile projects getting off the ground at all.

Melbourne Property Rejuvenation is dedicated to making your life easier by managing your entire rejuvenation / renovation project whether it be a small refresh or total internal refresh, we make it easy.

We specialise in project management rejuvenation and updating of your home or investment property to achieve your objectives.

  • Presenting your home to gain optimal sale price,
  • Get the best possible rental return from your investment, or
  • Simply make your new home or current home extra livable.

Our clients enjoy a professional, solution based approach to their needs, giving them the freedom to enjoy the precious time they have left after work and weekends to do the things they enjoy most.

We use only the most reliable, qualified trades people that we can trust to provide our clients with the results they expect.

Melbourne Property Rejuvenation are registered building practitioners. Registration number DBU 20235 and members of the Master Builders Association.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help rejuvenate and increase the value of your property with our fabulous home renovation ideas.

Typical Projects

Small refurbishments - Typically this would include cosmetic enhancements, minor repairs and upgrades, painting and carpets. This is an economical option for those looking to quickly refresh and lift the appeal of a property when selling or to increase its rental return potential. When tenants move out, it might be the perfect time to do a small refresh of your investment property quickly and efficiently to minimise vacancy time and to increase rental appeal.

Medium Rejuvenations - Designed to add value via medium level rejuvenations to the important areas of a properties appeal from budget kitchen upgrades and bathroom replacements, gardening, carpets and interior designs.

Major Rejuvenation - The ultimate solution to significantly add value and appeal to your investment or home. Prepare you recently acquired home for your pending move in or to update your current home to make it more livable inside and out. Complete refit kitchens and bathrooms, painting, floors, landscaping.

Our primary services include:
  • Investment property rejuvenation to maximise rental return or increase resale value
  • Home rejuvenation to make your living space more enjoyable
  • Basic refresh and update service.
  • Consulting advice on how to do it yourself.
Benefits of Rejuvenation of Investment Property
  • The ability to pay below market value
  • More options available when purchasing
  • Tax advantages i.e. capital improvement, depreciation etc
  • Increased rental returns
  • Better quality tenants
  • Less ongoing maintenance issues
  • Sale price improvement
  • Leverage improved value to re borrow
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