Water Ingress

Repair and Waterproofing Balconies, Terraces, Planter Boxes and Carparks

One of the biggest issues facing Owners and Owners Corporations these days is the increasing occurrence of water ingress. We see dozens of property every year with significant damage caused by water penetration, leaking balconies, terraces, planter boxes and carparks.

Generally caused by non-existent or failed membrane’s, these defects can be costly to rectify if not picked up early enough. Most common is the non-existent membrane that over time has allowed water to penetrate the substrate and presents itself and small mineral deposits firstly and if left un checked, develop in stalactites and stalagmites that become unsightly and cause further damage to the areas they are falling onto.

Water ingress

Our team have seen enough of these water damaged properties to be able to provide professional and cost effective solutions ranging from prevention methods to full restoration projects and project management.

A typical full restoration includes the following elements:


Removal of all existing surface material inc tiles, screed and any existing membrane.

Water Ingress - Stripping planter box
Water Ingress - Stripping planter box2


Apply new membrane in accordance with engineered specifications and test for leaks.

Drainage & Membrane
Drainage & Membrane2


Apply screed to effected area to allow run off of water.


Membrane 2

Apply second membrane to top of screed for extra waterproofing. We test for leaks to assure no future issues.

Membrane 2
Membrane 3


Tile or retile area to finish off and then test once again for leaks.

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